STEP #1: Money Pages


This is the most powerful tool that you are going to have in your business. We use what’s called an AutoResponder to database our leads and then 1-click mass broadcast our leads at the same time with our money links.

This is how we generate cash on demand! And the company we use to do all of this is called Get Response, make sure you sign up for an account now and connect your Money Pages

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Get Large Commissions on your SmartPhone with DigiStore24!

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Congratulations! Here is your MONEY LINK for the Viral Income System

Make sure to change “YourID” to your DigiStore24 Affiliate ID to receive your commissions!


Here, I’m going to help you get signed up for a FREE Money Source where you can get other people’s best selling products to promote, for free, where you can earn huge commissions from them.

The coolest thing about this commission network is that you can join without paying anything, and yet, they will send you huge checks in the mail, or direct deposit to your bank account. Most of the products you can promote on this network are proven winners, making it easy for you to get paid!

You need to join ClickBank now, for free, and then get your affiliate link so you can make money.

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Next, you need to connect Get Response to your Money Pages so that we can pre-load your Cash Campaign emails and connect them to your Money Links. After you complete this short integration, your system will be ready to make you money on autopilot.

Connect Your Money Pages To Cash Campaigns

STEP#1 – Login to Get Response, click here to login

STEP #2 – Click here to get your API key

STEP #3 – Enter your API below and click connect

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